Emblem Credit Card

Emblem Credit Card should be added to the list of cards that have led many down a path of confusion for some time now. The Emblem Credit Card seems to get a great deal of press, just not the good kind. In the entertainment world they say, "All press is good press". We seriously doubt that the way people feel about their Emblem Credit Card experience is entertaining or good to say the least.

The problem seems to be a same problem among other culprits in the secured card industry. They are seeming to deceive people into thinking they are helping to pay legitimate debts when they aren't really. First off, you aren't going to find an online application for the Emblem Credit Card. Why? Because they will start the contact with you if they have targeted you. Yes, they will target you. They more than likely are purchasing your old debts that you aren't legally held liable for anymore.. Then, they get you to blindly send them monies to help pay off debts. Before you know it, you are paying off debts you didn't actually have to pay according to the statute of limitations. This is a really big problem.

Let's just say that the debt they are now making you pay is a debt you have fought for some years and they have finally backed off. If the Emblem Credit Card comes in and starts sending payments to them, all of your efforts of fighting that claim were for nothing. See, they are operating on the idea that just because the debt is in their system that it means it's seriously yours. You may even begin to get some crazy collection calls for something you had no idea existed on your credit report. Not to mention, if you are thinking about applying for this Emblem Credit Card you won't find out their terms and conditions online. Because they are the ones initiating contact, you will only know those terms when they decide to reach out to you.

All of that to say, if they haven't already contacted you, be grateful. If they have contacted you, be wary. Don't allow the Emblem Credit Card to suck you into their game unless you are sure of all the debts involved and the amount you will pay for it all. Many others online have been making complaints about the fee changes and costs also being very high. The best advisement we could give on the Emblem Credit Card is to simply keep your eyes and ears open as well as be careful. There are way too many people who have gone the route you may be thinking of taking and they aren't happy campers anymore. Please take this page as well as the information and wisdom presented in it and apply it to your life and financial situation. Surely you may want to get out of debt, but there is always a right and a wrong way to go about accomplishing any task.